Atlantic salmon is a well-studied species, but there are still mysteries of where they reside in the ocean and what impacts their marine survival. ATLANTIC SALMON AT SEA - factors affecting their growth and survival (SeaSalar) is a research program where research institutions join forces to increase the knowledge on Norwegian salmon at sea.

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Reduced waterflow in a river after hydropower regulation induced evolutionary change in body size and sea-age of the Atlantic salmon population
26. October 2022

River Eira once harbored some of the largest salmon in the world, but has now evolved into an ordinary salmon population. New study shows clear evidence of an unintentional human-induced evolution.

Genetic stock identification reveals greater use of an oceanic feeding ground around the Faroe Islands by multi-sea winter Atlantic salmon, with variation in use across reporting groups
25. October 2022

While it is known that the oceans around the Faroe Islands support an Atlantic salmon feeding ground, the relative use of this resource by different age classes and populations has, until now, been largely unexplored.

They dive but they do not eat
7. June 2022

New study of adult Atlantic salmon in near-coastal areas shows that they migrate through surface waters and perform aperiodic dives - both on outward migration and return.