Publications from the SeaSalar project

Strøm, J.F., Rikardsen, A.H., Campana, S., Righton, D.A., Carr, J., Aarestrup, K., Stokesbury, M., Gargan, P., Javierre, P.C. & Thorstad, E.B. 2019. Ocean predation and mortality of adult Atlantic salmon. Scientific Reports, accepted. 

Vollset, K.W., Barlaup, B.T. & Friedland, K.D. 2019. Context-dependent impact of an ectoparasite on early marine growth in Atlantic salmon. Aquaculture 507: 266-274. doi.org/10.1016/j.aquaculture.2019.04.038

Vollset, K.W., Lennox, R.J., Mahlum, S., Näslund, J., Larsen, M.H., Thorstad, E.B., Frechette, D., Finstad, B. & Davidsen, J.G. 2018. Size dependent effects of passive integrated transponders (PIT-tags) on early life stages of salmon: a preliminary literature review. LFI rapport nr. 324.


If you would like to have copies of any of the publications, and cannot access them by the links provided by clicking on the reference, please e-mail eva.thorstad@nina.no and ask for a copy.