New report with review of effects of PIT-tags on young Atlantic salmon

Publisert 17.01.2019

A group of scientists recommends that smolts down to 80 mm fork length can be tagged with 12 mm PIT-tags and smolts down to 120 mm with 23 mm PIT-tags based on a preliminary literature review.


Passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags are commonly used to tag young Atlantic salmon to for instance record their mortality during the ocean migration. Studying effects of PIT-tags is important to understand any bias that would compromise the validity of a study and to ensure that animal welfare needs are met.


Based on findings from a workshop and literature review, a new preliminary report is released with recommendations on lower precautionary size limit for tagging Atlantic salmon.


The work was led by Knut Wiik Vollset at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS. The report will be followed up with a more detailed systematic review and meta-analysis of effects of PIT-tags on the tagged fish.