New PhD-student in the team

Publisert 26.11.2018

Astrid Raunsgard has joined the SeaSalar-team as a PhD-student.

Astrid Raunsgard. Foto: Privat
Astrid Raunsgard. Foto: Privat


Astrid did her master’s degree in ecology and evolution at NTNU. She has already published it in the prestigious journal PNAS.


What she tells about her master’s

In my master’s project I combined quantitative genetics and behavioural ecology to study intersexual conflict in plants. I did greenhouse crosses among populations of the tropical plant Dalechampia scandens to test how the intensity of intersexual conflict over seed size depends on the mating system of the population. The main finding was that conflict is stronger in more outcrossed populations, where multiple paternity is more common.


From plants to salmon

For her PhD, Astrid will analyse data from scale samples and PIT tags to look at how variation in life history and genetics affects age at maturity, marine growth and survival of Atlantic salmon. Her background in quantitative genetics and ecology will for sure be useful in the project.

The position is part of a strategic institute initiative at NINA, funded by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Geir H. Bolstad is the main supervisor.


Welcome on board, Astrid!